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One New Man propaganda

Did the Reformers rewrite the Bible to be anti-Semitic? A new film, Let the Lion Roar, claims that they did. If only we had manuscripts that pre-date the 16th century to know whether this conspiracy is true!

Oh, wait–we do.

Ebola and the Fourth Horseman

Allow me a shameless plug for my wife and best friend: Sharon has turned in the manuscript for Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, a new book to be released in November by Defender Publishing.

Healthy Seed

We just confirmed an invitation to address a college class on the topic of Transhumanism. Cool!

Two of the best

We had a great day today. Grilled burgers over hot coals and watched a couple of John Wayne movies. Can’t get more American than that.

Book review: I Am Not Afraid by Robert H. Bennett

We have reached a stage in the history of American Christianity where missionaries from other parts of the world need to be sent here to remind us of the things we have cast aside.

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