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The year ahead

As the year draws to a close, we’re subjected to another round of “year in review” stories and guesses of what we’ll see in the year ahead.

News: Derek & Sharon Gilbert join SkyWatchTV

SkyWatchTV and Gilbert House Ministries are delighted to announce that Derek and Sharon Gilbert will join the SkyWatch TV network team beginning in March, 2015.

Monday update

2015 is already shaping up to be an interesting year–and not very enjoyable for those unfortunate enough to be in the way of forces aligning against one another in the Middle East.

The courts get one right

This may be what is referred to in legalese as a “no duh” ruling: Apes aren’t us.

Who really killed JFK?

Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new e-book, Who Killed John F. Kennedy: New Research into the JFK Assassination, is intended as an extension of his best-selling book on the case, but this is also a nice primer that draws on recent research to make a compelling argument that the world witnessed a coup that day in Dallas.

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