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The courts get one right

This may be what is referred to in legalese as a “no duh” ruling: Apes aren’t us.

Who really killed JFK?

Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new e-book, Who Killed John F. Kennedy: New Research into the JFK Assassination, is intended as an extension of his best-selling book on the case, but this is also a nice primer that draws on recent research to make a compelling argument that the world witnessed a coup that day in Dallas.

Because it’s a religion

A transhuman future is exactly what Hitler, Himmler, and the National Socialist Party in Germany tried to achieve seventy years ago.

One New Man propaganda

Did the Reformers rewrite the Bible to be anti-Semitic? A new film, Let the Lion Roar, claims that they did. If only we had manuscripts that pre-date the 16th century to know whether this conspiracy is true!

Oh, wait–we do.

Ebola and the Fourth Horseman

Allow me a shameless plug for my wife and best friend: Sharon has turned in the manuscript for Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, a new book to be released in November by Defender Publishing.

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