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Book review: I Am Not Afraid by Robert H. Bennett

We have reached a stage in the history of American Christianity where missionaries from other parts of the world need to be sent here to remind us of the things we have cast aside.

Recruiting for Joel’s Army

The danger posed by this group isn’t an imminent theocracy — look at the culture around us and tell me you seriously think an overtly conservative Christian can possibly win the White House — but that it’s drawing well-meaning but biblically uninformed believers into their twisted eschatology.

One New Man

Was Paul’s reference to One New Man a prophecy or a revelation of something that took place at Calvary?

Once More, With Restraint

While we were at the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak, I posted a short note about the wonderful group of people that were in attendance.  I meant it; the sense I got from the people I spoke to was that… Continue Reading →

Glad to Be Home

Sharon and I finally made it back from the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak about two hours ago. What a great weekend! Sharon’s presentations on genetics and how researchers are actively trying “hack the ladder” (modify DNA, or create artificial… Continue Reading →

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