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WND on SkyWatch TV

I’m late to post this, but WorldNetDaily published a nice piece on SkyWatchTV last week.

The gods are dead; long live the Cybergods

Sharon mentioned a recent article by philosophy professor John G. Messerly in a science update she produced for SkyWatchTV. In his column, Messerly argues that religion is “the enemy of the future.” Ironically, his worldview isn’t new; it’s as old as human history.

Read the rest at Rise of the Cybergods.

A conspiracy too far

I enjoy a good conspiracy. But this one is just too out there.

The year ahead

As the year draws to a close, we’re subjected to another round of “year in review” stories and guesses of what we’ll see in the year ahead.

News: Derek & Sharon Gilbert join SkyWatchTV

SkyWatchTV and Gilbert House Ministries are delighted to announce that Derek and Sharon Gilbert will join the SkyWatch TV network team beginning in March, 2015.

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