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Dancing around the obvious

Diplomatic language is one thing. Avoiding what everyone can plainly see is another. Bending over backwards and rewriting our history is just kissing up.

WND on SkyWatch TV

I’m late to post this, but WorldNetDaily published a nice piece on SkyWatchTV last week.

The gods are dead; long live the Cybergods

Sharon mentioned a recent article by philosophy professor John G. Messerly in a science update she produced for SkyWatchTV. In his column, Messerly argues that religion is “the enemy of the future.” Ironically, his worldview isn’t new; it’s as old as human history.

Read the rest at Rise of the Cybergods.

A conspiracy too far

I enjoy a good conspiracy. But this one is just too out there.

The year ahead

As the year draws to a close, we’re subjected to another round of “year in review” stories and guesses of what we’ll see in the year ahead.

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